Practitioners working in communication management and public relations across Latin America will participate into the Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM) 2018-2019. The survey is now available on and will be open until June 30.
The Global Communication Monitor series are recognized as the larger studies about the profession in the world and have been identifying trend in the profession for more than a decade. Its annual reports provide invaluable insights for leaders in the field.
Additionally this year also marks the start of the next exciting phase for this joint endeavour of academia and practice. For the first time data collected in Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific will be completed with data from the rest of North America (US and Canada). With more than 80 countries covered and 50,000 participants to date, the Global Communication Monitor series is the only truly global study of strategic communication completely reliable in terms of scientist transparency.
This year’s monitor addresses highly debated topics such as the challenges of fake news and how to tackle them, how to provide information for decision-makers or leadership in public relations. The survey will identify characteristics of excellent communication departments and explore commonalities and differences across Latin America. Results will be relevant for the whole industry because comparisons Country-to-country comparisons and benchmarks of different types of organisations (companies, non-profits, governmental, agencies, etc.) will make the results relevant for the whole industry.
Participants could share their experiences and support his country to be represented in the global comparisons. Every participant will receive a free video-resume of results and will participate in a price draw for an inscription to the II Iberoamerican Comunicación Summit that will take place in Madrid in 2019.
The Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM) is organised by the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) with the strategic partnership of Fundacom. The study is leads by Dr. Ángeles Moreno, University Rey Juan Carlos (Spain) and Juan Carlos Molleda, University of Oregon (US) with Dr. Alejandro Álvarez-Nobell, University National of Cordoba (Argentina) as new Executive Director. It is conducted with the participation of twenty universities in Latin America, United States of America and Spain.
The European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) is an autonomous organisation with nearly 500 members from 40 countries interested in advancing academic research and knowledge in strategic communication. Several cross-national and comparative research and education projects are organised by affiliated universities. In order to spread new methodologies and research results, EUPRERA organises a highly regarded Annual Congress each autumn in collaboration with a selected university or college in Europe.
Fundacom is a non-profit foundation integrated for twelve main profesional communicaiton associations in Ibero America, representing more than 8.000 communication executives and practitioners. It aims is to enhance the work of practitioners as key executives in the business management of the XXI century across the Spanish and Portuguese countries.