1-day ICA Pre-conference “Are We Moving Towards Convergence?
Revisiting communication disciplines, theories, models and concepts”

taking place on May 24 from 9.00 am until 5.00 pm,
prior to the Annual Conference of the International
Communication Association (ICA), in Washington D.C.

Organized by Helle K. Aggerholm, Birte Asmuß, Finn Frandsen,
Winni Johansen, Anne E. Nielsen, Christa Thomsen, Cynthia Stohl, Maureen Taylor

Within the past two decades, communication scholars have been preoccupied with debating the intellectual boundaries between disciplines, theories, models and concepts, as well as the institutional legitimacy of the field as such. Some researchers have talked about ‘convergence’ (Zorn, 2002). Other researchers have talked about ‘bridging’ (Cornelissen & Christensen, 2011). Others again take an alternative approach promoting a new ‘interdisciplinary paradigm’ (Nothaft, Werder, Vercic, & Zerfass, 2018). The new thing about this debate is that it seems to take place both inside each discipline and across disciplines.

The purpose of this pre-conference is not only to study this debate, but also to contribute to it. We therefore invite junior and senior scholars representing one or more of the following disciplines – organizational communication, public relations, business communication, corporate communication, and strategic communication – to submit an abstract.

Extended deadline for abstract submission: February 25

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