The fifth annual Global Communication Report, New Activism, the report from the USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations in partnership with Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management, examines the evolution of activism and its impact on PR. The Center also will launch a podcast series on May 4, titled “PR Future”, featuring interviews with prominent activists and PR industry professionals.

The report finds the new generation of activists are younger, more diverse, and more collaborative. They also prefer voting over protesting. Communicators believe that, due to decreasing trust in Government, activism will grow in influence over the next five years, and that “average citizens” will be one of the most influential types of activist. The study also found that what it calls “New Activists” are aligned with PR professionals in the belief that the best strategy for creating long-lasting change is not protesting but voting.

“We are witnessing the democratization of activism: Today’s activists are everyday citizens united in their desire to create real change and they’re employing modern communication strategies to influence the political process,” says Fred Cook, director, USC Center for Public Relations. “Their influence is growing, and they’re willing to partner with progressive companies who align with their values.”

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