The 23rd International Conference on Multidisciplinary Studies on “Resilience for Survival” will take place at Cambridge University on July 30-31 as virtual. Organized by EUSER, ICMS XXIII offers seven main sessions in the domains of Social, Educational, Language, Economics, Engineering, Medicine and Interdisciplinary Studies, aiming to bring together scholars, academicians, researchers and students to exchange ideas and share knowledge.

The aim is collecting thoughts on what humanity’s plan b should be i.e. for schools, universities, media, governments, hospitals and other domains in the event of a future pandemic such as Covid-19. The abstracts and full texts will be published in proceedings book with ISBN as well as in one of the 10 scientific journals, shared with the authorities such as UN and WHO.

You can register until June 20 with an abstract, full paper or presentation. The fee has been lowered to support all participants due to the pandemic.

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