CSR Communication in the Media Industry
Intercultural and interdisciplinary approaches to understand
social impact and license to operate of media business around the globe

Eds. Franzisca Weder, Lars Rademacher, René Schmidpeter
Volume part of the Springer management series “Corporate Social Responsibility”

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an established management focus of todays’ corporates and organizations of various kind, scope and size. This is supported by the book series on CSR by Springer Gabler, in which the planned volume is embedded in.

In the focus is the double nature of producing economic and cultural goods at the same time (Bracker et al., 2017; Karmasin & Bichler, 2017) which leads to the assumption that media companies have a double responsibility for the way they present reality (in their products) and with this controlling and criticizing economic and political developments and raising ethical concerns in the public debate on the one hand (SOCIAL IMPACT), and for their own activities as a corporation on the other hand (LICENSE TO OPERATE).

The guiding question for contributions to this volume is the following: How do media corporations deal with their twin responsibility of holding society responsible and being responsible themselves? A second set of questions guides the inputs from various theoretical as well as cultural perspectives, specified in the call for papers.

The editors are seeking for global perspectives on the issue that will stimulate a conversation about innovative approaches in an industry where a stronger focus on sustainability as normative framework to discuss the public value is increasingly converging with economic goals. The European perspective with a historically strong role of public broadcasting should be contrasted with an Oceanian as well as US-perspective. Furthermore, there is a specific outlook to the challenges of cross-border management.

“Easy to read” contributions written in German and English are welcomed by December 30, 2020, from academics (on all levels) and practitioners in the areas of:

  • CSR & CSR Communication
  • Management/Media Management
  • Communication Scholars
  • Business Scholars in related areas
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