August 31st, 2021, has been the last day of this 3-year amazing journey called MARPE Diplo, organised by a team of members in the ambit of the EUPRERA projects. From the organising team led by Anne-Marie Cotton:

It is a bitter-sweet feeling for the MARPE Network team, but we are delighted that the project exceeded our expectations on so many levels and we are looking forward to future endeavours!
We created a special page on our website to showcase the results of the project.
We invite you to visit this page, explore the various materials and, if possible, integrate them in your work. In the Erasmus spirit of collaboration and openness, we hope you will find them useful and will get in touch with us, we would appreciate the feedback, the questions, the curiosity.

What you will find on the Results page

1. A video overview of the MARPE Diplo project – we recommend this video not only because it presents the conceptual journey of the project, but it also is a best practice in team collaboration: script created by the team members from Belgium, France, Portugal and Romania, narration done by our UK colleague who kept in touch even post-Brexit, video created by our talented colleagues from Spain. The end result is lovely! (however, we might be biased, so please take a look for yourselves).

2. The MARPE Diplo Publications: a communication & diplomacy glossary reflecting our project approach, two curriculums for LLL and Master programmes, as well as a presentation (abstracts, chapter index) of the MARPE Book that will be published by Springer in October 2021!

3. The full videos, synthesis videos and/or thematic videos of the MARPE Diplo activities:

  • the 5 MARPE Diplo Talks
  • the MARPE Diplo ISP
  • the MARPE Conference
  • the MARPE Diplo webinars
Visit the
MARPE Diplo results page!