After two long and challenging years, the EUPRERA XXII Congress was held at Universidad de Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, on October 7-8. The title of the congress “The Camino of Strategic Communication: (re)discovering the human element in public relations in unpredictable times” was un-intentionally prophetic in the scope and relevance of its mission.

The human element was central in the post-pandemic paradigm of PR academic research declined in the 53 papers, 4 panels, 7 posters presented in different tracks.

The congress alongside the stimulating paper presentations was enriched with two acclaimed keynote speeches: Johanna Fawkes whose presentation “A path through the woods: new directions for public relations” defined the possible avenues for a more critical, conscious and sustainable PR research; and professor Ramón Salaverria who discussed the theme of “Journalists, users, robots. Understanding the vicious triangle of disinformation”.

To be mentioned also the Paper Development Workshop, this year’s novelty which becomes a stable element in the EUPRERA congress, and the PhD Seminar, a long-lasting tradition consisting in three days of strong team working.

On October 8 at the conclusive moment of the congress the Awarding Ceremony recognized the best papers, reviewer, doctoral and master theses, as well as two new Distinguished Scholars.

Best Papers

The EUPRERA Scientific Committee headed by Sabine Einwiller selected as best papers:

“Navigating Turbulent Political Waters: Organizational Stances and Public Perceptions of NBA’s International Crisis with China” by Hui Zhao (Lund University) and Chiara Valentini (Jyväskylä University).

“Strategic Internal Communication for Effective Internal Employer Branding” by Nina Pološki Vokić, Ana Tkalac Verčič and Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić from Zagreb University.

“CSR in Hypermodern Times: Towards a New Measurement of Segmentation of Socially Conscious Publics” by Sarah Marschlich (Zurich University) and Ganga Dhanesh (Zayed University) (picture).

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Emerald Professional Impact Award

Emerald Group Publishing delivered the yearly Emerald Professional Impact Award to Christopher Ruppel, Julia Stranzl and Sabine Einwiller with their paper “Employees’ Personal Crisis within an Organizational Crisis: When a Lack of Transparency and Support Causes Job Frustration and Disengagement”.

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Best Reviewer

EUPRERA rewards the great and precious work done by the reviewers. This year the award goes to Anne-Marie Cotton from Arteveldehogeschool University College, Belgium, who has contributed with careful, thorough, and useful reviews to the success of the congress.

Best Doctoral Thesis

EUPRERA recognized as Excellent PhD thesis the dissertation “Corporate agenda for strategic topic planning Theoretical framework and empirical findings on topic-based corporate communications” by Alena Kirchenbauer from University of Hohenheim, Germany.

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Best Master Theses

The 2021 winning master thesis where both addressing the role of PR in a central social issue like sexual violence:

Practical Impact Award – “Put your students before your public image”: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Strategic Communications in the University of Warwick Rape Chat Scandal” by Clara Heroux-Rhymes from London School of Economics and Political Science, UK.

Theoretical Impact Award – “Sexual Violation, Weinstein and Speaking Out: The role of public relations and media in legitimising accounts of sexual violation” by Iris Lopez Wyld from University Of Stirling UK (picture).

The 2021 Awarding Ceremony has been an opportunity to reward also the 2020 winners who, due to the pandemic, could
be awarded only online last year.

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Distinguished Scholars

The EUPRERA community unanimously recognized as Distinguished Scholars in Public Relations Winni Johansen and Finn Frandsen from Aarhus University, Denmark, for their long standing career of high caliber research and recognized service > MORE INFO