Dear EUPRERA Members and Partners,

As the end of 2021 approaches, I would like to express my sincere thanks for what we have achieved and how we have advanced together in the past year. The best of all is that we are all still here navigating the risks.

I would like to underline five directions of the strategic plan that guided our work during 2020-2021:

  1. EUPRERA has strengthened its leadership in research and education in the fields of public relations and strategic communication and thus assumed a central position within its extended network. The list of EUPRERA’s partners has now grown to 17 associations and bodies, which has cultivated the active exchange of information, support for activities and the dissemination of news from the associations and their members. In fact, the “Statement on Communication of COVID-19 Pandemic” led by EUPRERA was supported by 15 major international associations worldwide. Beyond that, the extended network of international cooperation with associations could feasibly encompass 200,000 scholars and practitioners.
  2. New membership and the engagement of existing members have been encouraged. Ten new members from three continents have joined EUPRERA only since the latest Com–COVID-19 project and network. The new EUPRERA Mentorship programme has also been launched to target young PR communication scientists as a means to achieve two objectives: promote young scholars in science and reduce the gender gap to support women in attaining professorship. Engagement with existing members has been another strength, one that has provided opportunities for publicity, participation and new services to engage a diverse profile of members. The publications of EUPRERA members were tracked, and 24 pieces about their work were disseminated via EUPRERA’s extended network. Last, 10 webinars were run by EUPRERA’s members.
  3. The research dimensions of EUPRERA have being reinforced with the continued promotion and increase of research projects and networks and the management of funded projects. There are seven current research projects, including affiliated studies of The Global Communication Monitor, and six research networks. EUPRERA’s projects continue to appear in records of publications in the most prestigious journals of the field. For the future, four paths have been defined for research within EUPRERA for improved benefits for members and partners.
  4. The education dimension of EUPRERA has revitalised our community. A new EUPRERA Education Network has been created, and an education congress is being promoted to take place in 2022 along with the EUPRERA Innovation in Education in PR Awards. Members may still enrol in those projects.
  5. Although much work remains to be done, it is in the capable hands of our president-elect. Dr Romenti who has recognised management skills and is a trusted member that has consistently demonstrated her commitment to our community. On 31 December, I will vacate the presidency of EUPRERA but will continue supporting and working with the board of directors for another year as a former president.

Let me end by saying that despite the difficulties faced in the last two years, it has been an honour to serve our association and each of its members and a pleasure to work together with our cooperative partners to increase the recognition and value of public relations in the world.

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy New Year,

Ángeles Moreno