EUPRERA list of networks has been enriched: a group of members, led by Joan Cuenca-Fontbona from Ramon Llull University, has launched the new EUPRERA network Strategy and Internal Communication Management.

The aim of this network is to generate synergies and promote collaborative actions among international researchers interested in delving into core topics and issues related to internal communication.

Internal communication can be defined as a set of strategically planned communication activities that flow within an organisation. These activities are oriented at maintaining the organizational members well-informed, connected, integrated and motivated. This would turn its contribute to the joint attainment of organisational goals. Internal communication is an academic and research field as well as a function with a certain level of development. There are several ongoing projects and initiatives led by renown scholars and communication professionals at international level. Thus, it can be claimed that internal communication has gained its identity and scope as a stand-alone field of study and professional practice.

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