Dear EUPRERA Community,

We are delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly founded European Network of Emerging Scholars (EUNES)–a network dedicated to advancing the careers of early- and mid-career researchers in public relations and strategic communication.

After many conversations during the past EUPRERA events among young and emerging scholars, we felt the need to create a pan-European platform, where the next generation of scholars can exchange, connect, and support each other. Finally, after an intensive phase of brainstorming and preparation, we are ready to kick-off EUNES at the upcoming 23rd EUPRERA congress in Vienna in September.

What is EUNES?

We are a researcher-led and inclusive network for early- and mid-career researchers who work in public relations and strategic communication fields. We support early- and mid-career researchers in their career ambitions, through skills development, networking opportunities, workshops, and other events.

What does EUNES do?
  1. Building Networks: We provide opportunities for international and interdisciplinary connections.
  2. Sharing Experiences: We facilitate mutual learning and intergenerational knowledge sharing.
  3. Facilitating Collaborations: We bring researchers together to develop collaborations on research and teaching.
  4. Strengthening Skills: We address and discuss issues related to professional development.
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Who is already part of EUNES?

Explore our current network members around Europe
via our interactive map

How to get involved?

◊ Attend our conference activities and get to know our community: Make new connections, learn from our speakers, and ask questions.

  1.  EUNES Kickoff Meeting with Keynote 3: Prof. TC Melewar on “Ranking, Reputation and Research (3Rs): Voyage, Vista and Viewpoint (3Vs)”
    Thursday, 22nd September, 16:45 – 18:00
  2. The Project and Network Corner: Presentation of EUNES
    Thursday, 22nd September, 11.00-12.45

◊  Apply for becoming a EUNES member today. Please contact the network leader: Hui Zhao,

◊ Share the news about the new network with early- and mid-career researchers in your network and encourage them to get involved.

◊ Connect with and share EUNES on LinkedIn and Twitter

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