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Insights from the Prague Education Café
Date: October 27, 2023, Friday
Time: 2:00 pm CET
What to expect from the webinar

During the EUPRERA 2023 Congress that took place in Prague, the Education Network introduced the Education Café as a way to explore issues shared by EUPRERA members and EUPRERA Congress participants in their teaching activity. This 90 min workshop was an adaptation of the World Café, a methodology for hosting group dialogue that emphasizes the power of simple conversation in considering relevant questions and themes.

The participants in the Education Café went through four rounds of informal discussions regarding a selection of topics, issues and possible solutions that are relevant to communication and public relations education. The topics were shortlisted by the EUPRERA members through an online poll before the Prague Congress and then the participants selected the final topics. After fruitful and engaged discussions during the Education Café, the Education Network will present a summary and actionable insights from the discussions through the four members who acted as moderators in Prague.

Topics discussed during the Prague Education Café:

From negative to positive: Transform negative, dull or problematic tools and activities for the students (e.g.: leading an online presentation, integrating ChatGPT, identifying issues and solutions themselves) into positive and constructive ones in the classroom.
Education and sustainability: How do we teach and embed sustainability into courses/curriculums, how do we enable a clearer link between sustainability, what we teach and SDGs in order to build a framework around teaching PR and sustainability?
The challenge of reading: How to bring students to read (in a blended environment)? If the students do not go through the recommended readings before the class, it is difficult to have a constructive experience.
Gen Z: How to talk with them, how to bridge the gap? Are we speaking the same language?


Speakers and webinar moderators

Education Café moderators:
Anne-Marie COTTON – Artevelde University of Applied Sciences, Belgium
Camelia CMECIU – University of Bucharest, Romania
Raluca MOISE – City University of London, UK
Camelia CUȘNIR – University of Bucharest, Romania

Webinar moderators:
the co-leaders of the EUPRERA Education Network
Anca ANTON – University of Bucharest, Romania
Monique ABBENBROEK – Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands



1 hour


More about the speakers



Anne-Marie Cotton is Senior lecturer at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences (communication management, public relations and reputation management) and affiliated researcher to the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL).
She leads the MARPE Network and coordinates the Master Programme in European Public Relations (MARPE) since 1997. She was president of EUPRERA (1999–2000) and EUPRERA secretary general (2001–2009).  She is a member of several scientific committees and publishes in the fields of communication, public relations and education.

Camelia Cmeciu is a professor of organizational communication, risk and crisis communication at Faculty of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Bucharest. She is a member of the Romanian PR Awards Jury. Her research was published in Web of Science journals (Public Relations Review, Comunicar, Global Health Promotion, Discourse & Society) or at international publishing houses (Routledge, Springer, Peter Lang, IGI sau Bloomsbury Publishing).

Camelia Cușnir is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Communication of the Faculty of Journalism and Communication Sciences. She has a PhD in Communication Sciences with the thesis “Media discourse of Romanian public intellectuals after 1989”. Her research interest include Sociology of intellectuals, Social Media Influencers, Discourse Analysis, Digital Communication and Semiotics.

Raluca Moise is Senior Lecturer in Communications at School of Communication  & Creativity, City University of London. Her past research in public relations has focused on areas such as new technologies, reputation (individual, organizational; online and classic media); public opinion and public interest. Most recent research explores sustainability in strategic communications: in its
occupational field, with a focus on freelancers; in its communication practices, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. Raluca is an active network member in ‘Women in PR’ and ‘Education in PR’.