Starting January 2024, Jesper Falkheimer takes up the position of EUPRERA President for the tenure spanning 2024-2025. Following this transition, Stefania Romenti is stepping into the role of Past President after contributing significantly to EUPRERA’s strategic vision over the last two years.

As part of the Board of Directors, the new President will be supported not only by the Past President, but also by the two Executive Directors, Sabine Einwiller and Wim Elving, and Anca Anton, the new Director of PR and Administration, replacing Virginia Villa.

Jesper Falkheimer delineated two principal strategic directions guiding his presidency. The first underscores an intensified effort to forge collaborations with professional organizations, emphasizing the importance of synergies between academia and industry. The second strategic focus centers on increasing support for educational exchanges within the EUPRERA community, fostering knowledge dissemination and academic advancement.

Jesper Falkheimer brings an extensive academic background to his new role. Holding a Ph.D. in Media and Communication Studies from Lund University, he achieved the distinction of being Sweden’s first Professor in Strategic Communication in 2012. His research interests encompass strategic communication, crisis communication, public relations, terrorism, and place branding, examined through the prism of persuasive communication processes between organizations and its stakeholders within a social theoretical framework. Having occupied diverse university management positions, including Head of the Division for Research, Collaboration, and Innovation at Lund University, he is well-acquainted with academic leadership. Serving as the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Communication Management and holding honorary positions at institutions globally, Jesper Falkheimer brings a global perspective to EUPRERA, promising a tenure focused on collaboration, innovation, and a commitment to academic excellence.