The state of strategic communication and public relations in Latin America.
Results of LCM 22-23
Date and Time:
Thursday, April 11
What to expect from the webinar

Join us to explore the current strategic communication and public relations landscape in Latin America.
In this webinar, we will present the most relevant results from the Latin American Communication Study (LCM) for 2022-2023. Discover emerging trends, key challenges, and opportunities in the field of strategic communication in the Latin American region. Experts in the field will share insightful analysis and reflections on the current state and future of corporate communication, reputation management, and media interaction in the Latin American context.

The Latin American Communication Monitor (LCM) is the most prestigious scientific study in Latin America on strategic communication and public relations. In the 2022-2023 edition, titled ‘Strategic Communication and Public Relations in Latin America: Diversity and Empathetic Leadership, CommTech, and Consultancy’, 1,134 professionals from 20 countries have contributed, providing a comprehensive view of the profession in the region.



José Alessandro Oliveira, CEO of Zele Comunication
Public relations professional (CONRERP 3952) and specialist in marketing and educational communication. CEO of Zele Comunication. President of the Regional Council of Public Relations 1st Region. Awarded multiple times, including at the NSPRA – National School Public Relations Association Seminar and SINEPE-RS. Author of “5 axes that schools worldwide aligned for the return to in-person classes”, cited by Globo and featured at the Schools Exponential Congress 2020. Has given lectures at numerous events and schools both in Brazil and in Chicago/USA at National School Public Relation Association Seminar.

PhD. Fabiana Gondim MariuttiPlaceMark CNPq – Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil.
Since 2010, working in academia in Brazil and England; before that, corporate experiences in firms and industries in Brazil.
Ph.D. from Leeds Business School, Leeds Beckett University, England, with CAPES CNPq Brazil funding, revalidated by the University of São Paulo, Brazil.
Master’s degree and Postdoctoral research in Business, both from the University of São Paulo. Specialization in Strategic Business Management, Brazil. Bachelor in Social Communication with a major in Public Relations (PR), Brazil. Key speaker at conferences and universities about brand management, place branding, and Brazil’s reputation. Author of several articles, five chapters about PR in Brazil, and two books.

Ph.D. Claudia Labarca, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Claudia Labarca is Associate Professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, School of Communications, where she teaches undergraduates and graduates programs. PhD Durham University, UK.  She is the author of several papers and book chapters dedicated to strategic communications, business trust and related topics.  Her research interests are focused on the areas of trust building, strategic communication, and public diplomacy. International Liaison Public Relations Division at ICA. AEJMC-Knudson Latin America Prize 2023 recipient.

Ph.D. Juan-Carlos Molleda, Director of LCM.
Juan-Carlos Molleda is the Edwin L. Artzt dean of the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication. He received a bachelor’s degree in social communication (1990) from Universidad del Zulia, a master’s degree in corporate and professional communications (1997) from Radford University, and a PhD in journalism and mass communications (2000) from the University of South Carolina (USC). Molleda is a leading scholar in global corporate public relations. He was awarded the 2010 USC School of Journalism and Mass Communications Outstanding Young Alumni Award. Molleda is a board member of Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art, Museum of Public Relations, Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations, and The LAGRANT Foundation.


1 hour