The MARPE Network* is launching the 3 years’ project MARPE Diplo funded by Erasmus+ (September 2018 – August 2021) and endorsed by 11 strategic partners**. The project aims to explore Public, Corporate and Civic Diplomacy, an emerging discipline in the fields of international relations and communication sciences, political sciences and strategic studies, to research and to develop its wider applications in the context of business and civil society communication.
The objective is to develop a proper European perspective drawing on public sphere (Habermas) and network society influences (Castells) as there is an increasing need for showing more transparency and sensitivity over operations, processes and overall governance.
The EUPRERA project leader, Anne-Marie Cotton, will highlight how EUPRERA members can contribute to this new epistemic community during the EUPRERA Hour at our upcoming congress in Aarhus. More details on the MARPE Network platforms soon! Go to MARPE website
* The MARPE Network is composed of Université Lorraine, project leader; Artevelde University College, ISP-co-ordination; Universidade Lisboa ISCSP, Scientific co-ordination; Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU, Communication & Dissemination; University Bucharest, Quality control & Evaluation.
** The 11 strategic partners include:

  • 5 Professional PR associations: Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa – APCE (PT), Corporate Excellence – Center for Reputation Leadership (SP), Chartered Institute of Public Relations – CIPR (UK), C² Square (B) and Asociatia Romana de Relatii Publice – ARRP (RO);
  • 3 Knowledge organisations:
    EUPRERA; GovLab, The Governance Laboratory @NYU and Protagoras (B) a Think Tank for researchers and practitioners in Political and Institutional communication;
  • 2 independent researchers and one expert:
    Roger Hayes: LKY School of Public Policy, NUS, Singapore; Bruno Asdourian: University of Fribourg and Pierluigi Puglia: Head of Press and Public Affairs – Spokesperson for the UK in Italy, British Embassy in Rome.