Half-day ICA Pre-conference PhD Workshop
in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

taking place on May 24 from 9.00 am until 1.00 pm,
prior to the Annual Conference of the International
Communication Association (ICA), in Washington D.C.

Sponsored by the ICA PR Division and organized by
Flora Hung-Baesecke, Grazia Murtarelli,
Katerina Tsetsura, Sophia Charlotte Volk

The aim of the workshop is to provide doctoral students with an opportunity to discuss their dissertation research in a constructive atmosphere. The workshop is relevant for PhD students within the research field of Strategic Communication, Public Relations and Organizational Communication, at different stages of their dissertation process.

Students will receive feedback on their projects, theoretical frameworks, methodologies and research designs from senior scholars and fellow students, who review the proposals. By reviewing other students’ papers, students learn also more about the reviewing process as well as improving their skills on how to write, submit and revise papers for top journals. The workshop also serves as a platform for students working in these areas to establish a valuable network and discuss a variety of issues besides the dissertation projects, which are important for academic careers.

This is a competitive workshop: only a selected number of students, whose proposals are accepted, will be granted the possibility to attend it.

Deadline for short proposal (3 pages max): January 20, 2019

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