The body of knowledge now also counts this brand-new publication, titled Women in Public Relations – A Literature Review (1982-2019) and co-authored by 18 colleagues.

From the introduction

In order to meet the goals of the project Women in PR, the project team firstly conducted an extensive literature review of works written on women in public relations so far. In that, we looked at all works available to get a comprehensive picture of the situation and to identify trends in the literature and the research gaps. The majority of academic work analysed is produced following interviewing or surveying practitioners, and thus analysed work presents a good overview of trends in the public relations industry.

In the subsequent part of this report, we are therefore presenting the method used for analyzing the literature, literature analysis and discussion on further research. In addition, the appendix contains all units of the literature analysed to enable other scholars to analyse literature from a different angle and to provide a teaching resource to lecturers who teach public relations and/or women’s studies modules in higher education institutions.

(495 pages)
About the project Women in PR

The project Women in Public Relations led by Martina Topic aims to investigate the position of women in public relations, focusing on the challenges and opportunities for women in public relations, bloke-ification as a process, and women’s preferences in regards to the work environment and senior management structure. The project also aims to deconstruct the underlying structures that impede equality of women.

The goals of the project are:

  • To compare and contrast the position of women in Europe, by conducting comparative analysis among European countries and elsewhere in the world.
  • To show the issues that women practitioners in Europe are concerned with and inequalities of women practitioners.
  • To discuss the specific issues that affect the work of women public relations practitioners within each country represented in the project.
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