Daniel Laufer, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand and Yijing Wang, Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands will be guest-editors of the Public Relations Review special issue The Spillover Effect of Crises: Understanding when and why crises spread from one individual or organization to another and are pleased to invite EUPRERA members and colleagues to submit their contributions by April 1, 2023.

Crises that spread from one organization or individual to another occur frequently, however despite the importance of understanding when and how this occurs, there is very little research on this important topic. As Laufer & Wang (2018) point out, the crisis literature has focused much more on crises that directly impact an organization, when compared with the spillover effect of crises.

A spillover crisis occurs when “events in an external organization create concern, uncertainty, or perceptions of harm for another organization.” (Veil et al., 2016, p.317). A spillover crisis can also occur between individuals such as politicians, athletes and celebrities.

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