A new activity. The Education Café is a 90 min. workshop proposed by the EUPRERA PR Education Network as a way to explore issues shared by EUPRERA members and EUPRERA Congress participants in their teaching activity. This is an adaption of the World Café, a methodology for hosting group dialogue that puts an emphasis on the power of simple conversation in considering relevant questions and themes.

As a participant in the Education Café, you will go through quick rounds of informal discussions regarding topics, issues and possible solutions that are relevant to communication and public relations education. You will share your personal experiences in the classroom and will have the opportunity to learn from other colleagues. The summary and insights of the discussions will be shared with the EUPRERA community and inform future projects of the Education Network.

When and where. The first edition of the Education Café will take place Wednesday, September 20th 2023, from 15:10 to 16:40 at UMPRUM, Technology Center Mikulandská – please see the Congress website for the exact location of the venue.

Registration. In order to register, you need to select the Education Café as an activity during the EUPRERA congress registration process. You do not need to pay any fee in order to attend the Education Café, nor prepare any material, only be open to experience and knowledge exchange with other international colleagues through constructive conversations.

Topics. The Education Café is for all the EUPRERA community. In order to make this experience as relevant as possible for you, we need your input regarding which topics we should address during this first edition. Please find below a selection created by the members of the EUPRERA PR Education Network from which we kindly ask you to select your top three by September 15th, 2023 (no matter if you attend the Prague congress or not).

  • From negative to positive: Transform negative, dull or problematic tools and activities for the students (e.g.: leading an online presentation, integrating ChatGPT, identifying issues and solutions themselves) into positive and constructive ones in the classroom.
  • Education and sustainability: How do we teach and embed sustainability into courses/curriculums, how do we enable a more clear link between sustainability, what we teach and SDGs in order to build a framework around teaching PR and sustainability?
  • Curriculum development: Back to basics or follow the hypes? What approaches do PR educators have within their systems and how to approach this balance/imbalance?
  • Map course progression throughout the years: What subjects and topics do you teach in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd year of BA?
  • The challenge of reading: How to bring students to read (in a blended environment)? If the students do not go through the recommended readings before the class, it is difficult to have a constructive experience.
  • Gen Z: How to talk with them, how to bridge the gap? Are we speaking the same language?
  • Assessments and students: (How) do we involve students as active agents in course assessments?
  • Technology and education: Integrating technology into PR education
Select your top three topics!