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Communication in uncertain times. How organizations deal with issues, risks and crises
Date: November 3, 2023, Friday
Time: 12:00 pm CET
What to expect from the webinar

In this webinar, Chiara Valentini discusses with several scholars, who contributed to the new EUPRERA book, their recent research findings on how organizations communicate and interact with their stakeholders in uncertain times.
The webinar is based on EUPRERA’s new book, that contains twelve chapters on how organizations deal with issues, risks and crises and will appear in 2024 as Volume 7 in Emerald’s book series ‘Advances in Public Relations and Communication Management’.

In this webinar you will get a vivid preview of some of the novel insights related to how organizational communication has changed after the pandemic, employee engagement during critical situation, CEO’s role in crisis situation and stakeholder perceptions, government communications in times of crises. 


Speakers and webinar moderators


Merja Koskela, University of Vaasa (Finland), co-author of the chapter (with Helena Kantanen) “Mapping the Challenges of COVID-19 from the Point of View of Organizational Communication”

Sabine Einwiller, University of Vienna (Austria), co-author of the chapter (with Christine Korn) “What’s Happening at Your Company?! Employees’ Reactions to Inquiries of Outsiders in the Event of Negative Media Coverage”

Benno Viererbl, Johannes Gutenberg-University (Germany), co-author of the chapter (with Nora Denner and Stefanie Holzer) “Effects of a CEO’s Social Distance and Communication Strategy on Stakeholders’ Perception 
and Judgement Processes in Corporate Crises”

Petra Kouldeková, Charles University (Czech Republic), co-author of the chapter (with Denisa Hejlová, Tereza Ježková, Soňa Schneiderová, Tereza Klabíková Rábová and Marcela Konrádová) “Emergency Communication of Government Organizations: Lessons learned from the Pandemic-related Communication in Education”

Chiara Valentini, University of Jyväskylä, Finland



1 hour


More about the speakers

Sabine Einwiller is the Professor of Public Relations Research and Department Chair of the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna (Austria) where she heads the Corporate Communication Research Group. Currently, she is a visiting professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Sabine serves as an Executive Director in the European Public Relations Education and Research Association (EUPRERA) and is a member of the Austrian Ethics Council for Public Relations. In her research, she focuses on employee communication, the management of contents and controversial issues, consumer complaining, crisis communication.

Petra Koudelková holds a PhD in Management and economy of companies. She is Assistant Professor at Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Marketing Communication and PR. Her fields of study comprise corporate social responsibility and sustainability approach of companies, above all SMEs and marketing and institutional communication. Petra has participated in a project of communication of the Czech Ministry of Education, and in a project focusing on Increasing the Effectiveness of Direct Citizen Invitation to Screen Colon and Rectal, Breast and Cervical Cancer of the Czech Ministry of Health. She is the author of many research articles and two monographs

Merja Koskela is professor of Applied Linguistics at Communication Studies, University of Vaasa, Finland. With a career spanning over 25 years, she has experience of a wide variety of research topics ranging from Swedish linguistics to environmental communication. Currently, her research interests concern professional communication, financial communication and environmental communication. Among others, she is involved in a research project studying representations climate-wise housing in public discourses. Methodologically, she specializes in genre analysis and discourse analysis. She has published widely in international journals, including International Journal of Business Communication,Studies in Communication Sciences, and Discourse & Communication. She is also a dedicated educator and has mentored a number of next generation scholars towards academic excellence.

Chiara Valentini is Professor and Head of Corporate Communication Discipline, at Jyväskylä University School of Business and Economics (JSBE), Finland, and Adjunct Professors in Strategic Communication at IULM University, Milan, Italy. Dr. Valentini is the author of numerous peer-reviewed publications and books in strategic public relations, public and government communication, and crisis communication in the digital environment. Her work has appeared in several international peer-reviewed journals, and has authored and co-authored over hundreds of scholarly works. 

Benno Viererbl is a post-doctoral researcher at the Department of Communication at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany. His dissertation addressed the professional role concept and role conflicts of professionals working in the grey area between journalism and Public Relations. His other research interests include the public perception of organizational CSR communication,  issues management and crisis communication, and the effects of personalization in external corporate communication.