Strategic Health Communication Network

Researching the COVID19 crisis contributed to understanding how information about the emergency is flowing through diverse social groups and help to improve communication for future crisis scenarios.

In the global media systems, with a multiplicity of channels and transmitters, overload of information and proliferation of fake news, an agile and efficient management of communication is indispensable to gain the cooperation of citizens to manage the crisis.  Nevertheless, the existence of singular audiences that have informative relations only to certain groups and are informed only through the so-called eco cameras are increasing. Groups are able to transfer inaccurate or untrue information to other audiences, jeopardizing the development of coordinated actions.

  • GO: The mission of this network is to monitor the communication management of the COVID 19 crisis in diverse countries and from diverse perspectives and methodologies.
  • SO1: To monitor the main channels of information used by the general population regarding COVID 19
  • SO2: To understand the trust of the general population from diverse information sources regarding COVID 19
  • SO3: To evaluate the effectiveness of governmental communication by the general population
  • SO4: To cluster the knowledge about COVID 19 by general population

In a first phase a survey was launched to monitor channels of information, sources, levels of trust and information comprehension by the general public in three countries (Spain, Italy, UK). A second survey has been launched in October 2021 in a new set of countries like Finland, Portogal, Turkey, Croatia, US, Brazil, Argentina, Nigeria, Romania, Georgia, China.

Network leader

Angeles Moreno
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain

How can EUPRERA members join the network?

Accredited experienced researchers can still join the network for nation by nation comparative research. Consortiums working in the topic can join the network.

Scientific production
Journal papers

Poch-Butler, S. L., Moreno, Á., & Gelado-Marcos, R. (2023). The WHO’s communication strategies on social media during the early stage of the 2021 COVID vaccination campaign. Revista de Comunicación22(1), 377-395.

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Special Issues Edited

Yan Jin, Special Issue Editor, Journal of International Crisis and Risk Communication Research: “COVID-19 Crisis and Risk Communication” Special Issue, Volume 4, Issue 2, 2021.

Meng, J. & Tench, R. (2022) Strategic Communication and the Global Pandemic: Leading through Unprecedented Times, International Journal of Strategic Communication, 16:3, 357-363, DOI: 10.1080/1553118X.2022.2075750

Special Book Edited

Tench, R., Meng, J., and Moreno, A. (2022) Strategic Communication in a Global Crisis National and International Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Routledge, London ISBN-13 9781032026954

Other books

Johansson, B., Ihlen, Ø., Lindholm, J., & Ørsten, M. (Eds.). (2023). Communicating a Pandemic: Crisis Management and Covid-19 in the Nordic Countries. NORDICOM. 

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Special panel

Romenti, S. (2022) One Global Pandemic, Many Divergent Citizens’ Responses: Public Attitudes toward COVID-19 Vaccination. EUPRERA 23RD ANNUAL CONGRESS.Vienna, Austria, 21-24 September 2022. Discusant: Winnie Johansen


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Project submission

Cmeciu, C. (project leader), Anton, A. & Glavan, E. (members). Strategic health communication within the postmodern medical paradigm. Beyond the (de)legitimacy of COVID-19 vaccination in Romanian governmental campaigns. A multimodal critical discourse approach. Project submitted to a University of Bucharest competition (ICUB senior researcher competition).

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